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     Hi all, Eddy the beddie here! Thought I would get Auntie Julia to post a little update
     on me to let you know how well I am doing.

     I’ve been in my forever foster home for six months now – wow where did that time
     go! It’s all good in the Eddy camp though and I am feeling really great. I have had six

     months now on a really tasty stable diet that absolutely agrees with me and helps
     keep my allergies in check, lots of special potions and supplements that keep me in

     tip top condition and plenty of TLC from my ‘staff’ – fair to say, they love me to bits!

     I spend lots of time in the office with my foster parents (that’s a home office!!) and I

     keep an ** avid watch on all the proceedings  ** mainly from my bed!

     I have plenty of beds, so loads of choice depending on what time of day it is and
     how  I  feel!!!    My  foster  family  regularly  share  photos  of  my  various  sleeping

     positions with the BTRF team and as you can see, I have many of these!!

     So that’s me – thank you to everyone for your continued support to enable BTRF to
     keep me and all my six other foster buddies well and happy (and the word is out
     that another ‘newbie’ is arriving soon!). Thank you also to my foster parents who

     are looking after me so well - I am living my best life.

     Big hugs to one and all.

     Eddy the Beddie

                                                 **  Auntie  Julia  said
                                                 thank          goodness
                                                 you’re  there  Eddy

                                                 to  keep  an  eye  on
                                                 what’s going on !!

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