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     A very Happy Birthday to one of our special lads!

     ‘I was very excited because I celebrated my 8th birthday in September!

     I am in forever foster with my foster mum because I have Copper Toxicosis and need

     to stay close to BTRF so they can keep an eye on me to make sure I stay well.

     I was very spoilt (even more than normal!) – look at all these toys! I just don’t know

     which ones to play with first!!!

     Thank you everyone for your kind donations that help to keep me well and happy

     and able to celebrate yet another birthday! And a very special thank you to my foster
     mum who loves me very much’.

     Licky slurps from


      Copper  Toxicosis  is  a  potentially  fatal  condition  among  a  small  number  of  dog
      breeds, including the Bedlington Terrier.

      The condition relates to an accumulation of copper in the liver which can cause liver

      disease and often leads to the animal's death at a young age.

      An interesting and informative PDF
                                                                    Pumpkin  is  a  superfood  for  dogs.  It
      can be downloaded here :                                      contains essential micronutrients and
      Copper Toxicosis.                                             fiber  that  make  it  a  very  nutritious

      A Breed Club who can help and advise:  Besides  being  a  natural  stomach  soother,
      Midland Bedlington Terrier Club                      pumpkin also helps to remove excess water in
                                                           a dog's digestive tract.

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