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                                           YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.

                         YOU DID IT - WE HIT OUR TARGET FOR MINNIE.

                                            THANK YOU EVERYONE.

     As you all know, we recently ran a JustGiving fundraising campaign for little ‘Minnie’
     to enable us to get her a thorough MOT at the vet, to do all her allergy tests and a

     general health blood test and to give her problematic ears a thorough check.

     As  always,  our  supporters  rose  to  the  challenge,  and  we  raised  £900  which  was

     enough  to  cover  everything  planned  with  a  bit  left  over  to  put  towards  her

     The team are very happy to report that the outcome of the vet visit was excellent!

     The vet said she is in amazing condition compared to when she first came into our
     care. Her ears were totally clear, and her skin is now really healthy.

     She has been on a carefully managed much more appropriate

     diet with a range of supplements to improve her gut health
     (which was also very damaged when she came to us) as well

     as  to  improve  her  general  wellbeing  -  and  these  are  really
     doing their job.

     Even  the  results  of  her  allergy  tests  came  up  pretty  much

     clear and we only needed a slight tweak to her diet, so no
     need to go ahead with the immunotherapy.

     So little Minnie is doing really well thanks to you all! We couldn’t do what we do for

     these special dogs without your help - the team are very grateful.

     There  are  so  many  ways  to  donate.  We  do  appreciate  that  times  are  tough  for
     everyone out there at the moment – but every single penny really does help us to

     continue to help the dogs in our care -

        STOP PRESS !!!!  BTRF are delighted to announce that since this article
                       was written, Minnie has found her forever home.

          She has her very own Special People and a new beddie brother who
            loves playing with her and teaching her lots of BEDDIE BEDLAM.

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