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      A  little  Beddie  girl  called  ’Tegan’  has             The  BTRF  team  were  overwhelmed  by

      joined our little family of foster dogs.                  the  response  to  our  Fundraising
                                                                Campaign for Tegan – you have donated
      Following  a  full  assessment,  we  know
                                                                an amazing
      she  is  going  to  need  a  lot  of  medical

      help.  This  means  she  will  be  in  foster

      first  so  we  can  get  her  all  the  medical
      treatment  she  needs,  and  our  care

      team  will  oversee  that  treatment  to
      bring her back to full health.

      As is the case with many of the dogs we                   This meant that we were able to get her

      help, the history is very  sensitive.   We                safely  in  our  care,  start  to  unpick  her
      suspect  she  is  in  a  lot  of  pain  both  in          medical issues and get her started on a
      her back, hindquarters and tummy and                      new diet and supplements to help her

      her skin is in a bad way.                                 feel so much better.

      Our  foster  home  is  ready  and  able  to               And of course, we were able to get her
      give  her  the  care  she  so  badly  needs,              some enrichment toys to help her relax

      but  we  needed  to  raise  the  funds  for               and chill when she arrived and for the

      this.                                                     early days and weeks as she settles.

      With all the other foster dogs we have                    We would not have been able to do this
      at the moment needing costly ongoing                      without  your  help  as  funds  are

      medical treatment, the funds for Tegan                    constantly  stretched,  so  thank  you
      were not readily available.  As tough as                  everyone!

      it  is  for  us  to  come  to  you,  our
      supporters,  we  needed  your  help  to                                                We will keep  you
                                                                                             updated  on  her
      enable us to take her in and quickly get
      her the treatment she needed.                                                          progress. You can
                                                                                             still donate if you
      We  didn’t  set  a  specific  fundraising                                              would  like  to,  as
      target, but we knew that because of her                                                every  penny  will

      condition,  her  treatment  would  be                                                  help her.
      significant  (in  our  experience,  likely  to

      reach £3,000).
                                                                    Help us to help Tegan! - JustGiving

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