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     Bedlington  Terrier  Rescue  have  the  Gilbertson And Page: Making dog food
     welfare of rescue Bedlington Terriers and  for over 140 years (
     their  crosses  at  the  heart  of  everything

     we  do.   However,  the  lack  of  physical
     premises such as kennels or shops mean
     that  we  are  not  eligible  for  a  lot  of
     funding opportunities that would help us
     pay  for  the  medical  and  behavioural                 TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf - Your wholesale
     support  necessary  for  our  foster  dogs               for pet supplies, snacks and more

     and  for  the  foster  carers’  training
     programme to continue.

     We rely on sales and donations at small
     dog  shows  around  the  country  but  we
     have been lucky enough to be invited to
     the  Kent  Festive  Fair  at  the  fabulous              GWF Nutrition

     venue of :                                               Since  1971  it’s  been  our  privilege  to
           Wings of Morning Field                             create  exceptional  nutritional  products

        Wrotham, Kent, TN15 7NS                               for pets across Britain. Animals are at the
                                                              heart of everything we do.
       on 11th and 12th November

     This is a marvellous opportunity to raise
     funds and raise the profile of BTRF.

     It’s true to say that we were worried as
     we only have small stock reserves but we

     put  out  a  call  for  donations  and  have
     been  truly  blessed  to  receive  so  much              Our  supplements  are  packed  with  a
     help  from  some  very  well  known  specific                          combination          of      targeted
     companies.                                               nutraceuticals  to  give  your  pet  the

     BTRF  will  be  selling  doggie  products  on            support  they  need,  right  where  it’s

     the  day,  running  a  ‘Find  A  Fiver’  Lucky           needed.
     Dip  and  selling  raffle  tickets  for
     November,  December  and  January                        Pure Connection Pets

     Our  thanks  go  to  the  following
     companies for helping us raise funds in a
     very  difficult  economic  climate  and

     especially at Christmas.

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