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      Hello all!  Well, if you read my article in the          After lots and lots of work and patience I

      last  eNewsletter  about  my  amazing  new               am  ready  for  my  new  long  term  foster
      toy  box,  you  will  remember  that  I                  home  so  that  they  can  continue  to  work
      mentioned that I might have some special                 with me and Aunty Lisa to help overcome
      news - well, I can now announce it!!                     my door fears in a new home environment.

       I have found my special new long term                   I  am  settling  in  and  at  the  moment  my
                        foster home!                           foster  parents  and  me  are  just  getting  to
                                                               know each other and they are helping me
      I  came  to  BTRF  in  a  terrible  state  –  bad        to adapt to my new home at my own pace.
      ears, eyes, skin, tummy – you name it I had              There  is  lots  of  sleeping,  sniffing,  licking
      it. I was surrendered because my guardian                and  chewing  (as  this  helps  me  feel  calm
      just  couldn’t  cope  with  my  off  the  wall           and relaxed), no walks yet – that’s way too
      behaviour and I had to be kept in another
      room behind closed doors. I had also bitten              much for me to cope with at the moment. I
      a  few  times  which  made  life  almost                 am just noodling and chilling.

      unbearable for my family.                                Best  of  all  I  live  with  two  other  beddie
                                                               buddies  who  are  showing  me  the  ropes
      They  did  absolutely  the  right  thing  and
      asked for help, so BTRF took me in. My care              and I have a bit of a soft spot for my little
      team  got  stuck  in  to  find  out  what  was           girlfriend, we are hanging out together and
      going on and to start to unravel my issues.              I even let her share my toy box!  

      It  was  touch  and  go  at  the  beginning              So that’s me for now – here I am hanging
      because  of  my  ‘biteyness’,  but  slowly  and          out with my foster dad – who I love to bits.
      carefully  they  got  to  the  bottom  of  my
      issues, I was in a HUGE amount of pain.

      Once we knew why and I started to get the
      treatment I needed, I began to feel much
      better quite quickly and my ears, eyes, skin
      and tummy all improved with a good diet
      and lots of the right supplements.

      The one big issue I was still struggling with
      was doors! Because I had been shut behind
      a closing door and I had learnt to pair this             Thank  you  again  to  our  supporters  who
      with  the  pain,  I  was  terrified  every  time         have  supplied  all  my  medical  care  and
      anyone came through a doorway near me.                   treatment  to  help  get  me  to  where  I  am
      But  Aunty  Lisa  really  helped  me  with this          now  and  to  enable  me  to  start  a  new
      and  helped  me  understand  that  I  didn’t             happy and pain free life.
      need to be scared but if I directed my fear
      and  anxiety  into  grabbing  my  toy  or  my            Licky slurps to you all
      favourite rabbit ear snack, I could manage
      my  worries  and  learn  that  actually  doors                Buttons the Beddie
      were nothing to be fearful about.

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