Page 8 - Autumn 2023 Newsletter
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     Remember  Carys?  We  did  a                                            left  alone  initially  while  we

     call  out  for  potential  foster                                       are helping her to settle into

     homes  for  her  just  recently                                         her new home.
     (with a view to adopt).
                                                                             The  home  will  continue  to
     As  a  reminder,  Carys  has                                            work  with  our  appointed
     been  with  us  for  a  short                                           behaviourist  to  oversee  her

     while  now  and  in  that  time                                         diet and medical care, and to
     the  BTRF  care  team  have                                             have  the  time  and  patience

     worked their magic and done                                             to  help  her  build  her
     what they do best to care for                                           confidence  around  meeting

     our special dogs.                                                       new people.

     She came to us at the age of just under                   Please  keep  your  fingers  crossed  (and
     five  years,  in  a  very  sorry  state  –  ears          paws)  that  we  are  successful  in  finding

     that  really  needed  treating  for  serious              her  foster  home.    We’ll  keep  you
     infections, poor skin and gut health (so                  updated in the e-Newsletter.
     often the case with many of the Beddies

     that  come  to  us).  She  is  also  a  very
     nervous  little  girl  and  our  behaviour

     team  is  currently  working  with  her  to
     help her through this, to gradually build
     her  trust  and  her  confidence  to  the

     outside world.

     She  is  doing  so  well  now  that  her  care
     team feel she is ready to go to the next

     stage  of  her  rehabilitation  in  a  more                        Can I give my dog raw pumpkin?
     permanent foster home.                                             While       dogs      can     eat     raw
                                                                 pumpkin, it might be harder to digest
     We  are  hopeful  that  we  have  found  a                  and  can  become  a  choking  hazard.
     home that is suitable for Carys - a no dog
                                                                 The rind is also a choking hazard and
     home,  no  young  children  and  no  small                  may cause an intestinal blockage. You
     furries  or  cats.      The  potential  home  is            can  feed  cooked  or  canned  pumpkin

     quiet  and  settled  with  not  too  much                   to  your  dog—if  it's  100%  pumpkin
     coming  and  going  and  she  will  not  be                 with no added ingredients.

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