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                                   Over  the  bank  holiday  weekend  our  slaves  took  us  to
                                   Ashford in Kent to attend a dog show and funday organised
                                   by  Guide  Dogs  for  the  Blind.  Our  very  own  charity

                                   Bedlington  Terrier  Rescue  Foundation  had  a  stall  set  up
                                   selling  various  BTRF  merchandise.  The  stall  was  run  by

                                   Auntie  Julia,  Uncle  Steve  and  of  course  the  'boss'
                                   Auntie  Kaye,  and  we  also  met  fellow  Beddies,  Floyd  and

     Our slaves insisted that we enter a couple of classes in the
     dog show, so I was  entered in  the best veteran class and
     guess  what,  I  won  first  place!!  Then  both  Merlin  and  I

     entered the best brace and we were placed first again!! Not
     sure how we managed that but the judge had good taste!

     We still continue to support our charity where we can but as always we still need

     your help with dogs we currently have in at the moment, so anything you can do to
     support or donate to BTRF will help considerably. Thank you.

                   It's with sadness that we have to share with you that shortly

                   after the Bank Holiday, Blue passed away at the grand old age
                   of 15 years.

                   He was a BTRF dog and many of you will know him from his

                   series  'Tales  of  Blue  -  My  LIfe  and  Other  Dogs'  in  our

                   He has been an amazing ambassador for BTRF and he will be

                   very sorely missed.

                   We  are  sharing  his  final  chapters  with  you  later  in  this


                   Our  thoughts  are  with  his  'Lovely  People'  and  Merlin  at  this
                   sad time.

                                       Run wild and run free little man.

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