Page 14 - Autumn 2023 Newsletter
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     Hi Aunty Kaye (and all you BTRF supporters out there!), it's
     Cindy here!

     I’ve  been  on  my  hollibobs  and  I  travelled  further  this

     holiday.    I  went  on  a  ferry  to  the  Hebrides  and  I  had  a
     wonderful  time.  I’m  not  sure  which  is  best;  splodging

     through  peat  bogs  or  exploring  the  stunning  sandy
     beaches!!! Perhaps you can decide!

     I’m doing really well as you can see! In the time I have
     been in my new home, I have been getting more brave in

     new environments, thanks to Mum and Dad being patient
     and understanding how to help me cope and giving me
     lots of choices so I feel really relaxed and chilled.

     Oh  and  Mum  and  Dad  stayed  up  a  bit  late  at  night  to

     watch the aurora - it was a special holiday for all of us.

     Big paw hugs to all the BTRF team and the supporters out there!


                          Happy Birthday to one of our special little girls.

               Rehomed a few years ago, Rose is celebrating her 5th birthday.

          Our thanks to her ‘Lovely People’ who are caring for her so well

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