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CLUB 200

                    The Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation

                                        Club 200 Test Launch

     We  are  pleased  to  announce  a  trial  run  for  our  new  Club  200  launching  on
     1st November 2023.

     This  will  be  a  2-month  trial  run  for  November  and  December  2023  and  we’ll  be
     having two prize draws held on 20  November and 20  December Christmas draw
     (the winner for the Christmas draw will also include a surprise BTRF gift!).  Closing
     date for entries for the trial run for the two months will be 15  November 2023.

     If successful, we will roll out a 6 monthly version and hope to attract as many of our
     supporters, family and friends as possible from 1  January 2024.  The more members
     we have, the bigger the prize fund.

     To enter our trial run, numbers will be £4 each and your number will be entered into
     both the November and December draws – so you will have two chances of winning!

          You can of course buy more than one number to be entered into both draws:

                1 number entered in both the November and December draws is £4
              2 numbers entered into both the November and December draws is £8
             3 numbers entered into both the November and December draws is £12
                                                      and so on!

                 The prize money for each draw (November and December) will be
                     25% of total funds received ie, £200 if 200 numbers are sold.

     The more numbers we sell, the more money that can be won and the more you will
     be helping us in our work.

     Entries  will  be  numbered  sequentially  and  allocated  in  the  order  we  receive
     them.   Entry  is  not  restricted  to  BTRF  followers  so  please  feel  free  to  encourage
     friends and family to play.  However, we do need to restrict sales to over 18s only

     Full  details  on  how  to  buy  your  numbers  will  be  available  on  Facebook  from

     1 November.
                                                CLUB 200 ENTRY

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