Page 12 - Autumn 2023 Newsletter
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     THE  PRE  ORDER  LINKS  are  now  on  Lottie’s  website  for

     Friends  and  family  packs/deluxe  friends  and  family  packs

     available  and  Bedlington  everyday  cards  and  wrapping  paper
     are new this year.

     Please use these links as some items are a limited edition and
     when they’re gone they’re gone.  Items will be sent out from
     late September.

                                BTRF 2024 Calendar Competition


     The quality of the photographs
     was amazing, so many talented

     photographers amongst you all
     and  very  photogenic  Beddies                                                             Angela Hanson
     and crosses!!                                                                     Anna Victoria Jonsson

                                                                                     Lynda and Allan Cottrell
     ‘The  Management’  had  a  very                                                               Carole Baker
     tough  judging  task  but  they                                                                 Chris Jones

     picked            YOU                                                                 Dennis Hursthouse

                                                                                                 Gillian Holden
                                           ORDER NOW FOR CHRISTMAS                                 Gillian Taylor
                                                                                                  Halima Sadat
     Cath Rigby                       The  calendars  are  £12.50  each                             Ian Ormond
     Andrea Robinson                  including postage within the UK.                        Ingrid von Broen

     Amanda Jayne Mawson  If  you  are  outside  the  UK  please                                       Jan Gould
     Helen Bradbury                   contact  us  for  postal  costs  before                  Jane Littleproud
     Jean Grindrod                    ordering.                                                   Jayne Heston

     Leanne Jones                                               Jessica Jose
                                                                                                    Jude Denny
     Linda Dunn-Edwards               Unfortunately,  we  can  only  accept                Keith Paul Richards

     Linda Gibson                     PayPal payments for overseas orders.                       Leanne Steele

     Louise Crichton                  To order your copy complete the form                         Lisa Raeburn
     Nicola Fensome                   on       the       website         and        hit   Margaret Coulthard
     Pam Lucas                        the Buy Now button.                                      Phoenix Taurasi
                                                                                                    Ribh O'Neill
     Paul and Zoe Speake                Please  ensure  that  your  address  is              Sally Jerrard-Dinn
     Yvonne Lister
                                      included at the checkout so we know                       Susanne Plachy
                                      where to post your copy!                                     Tracey Poole

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