• Success Stories

  • Rescue Puppy 'Edie'!

  • Thought I’d introduce Edie who I adopted through Bedlington Terrier Rescue in October 2013. Her mum, Honey, was adopted by the Johnson family in Manchester and they then discovered that she was expecting a litter of pups!

    I lost my Bichon, Bella, in the September that year and contacted Frances at the rescue to see if I could find a female Beddie to help Bertie, our first Bedlington, get over his grief. Didn’t think I’d get a call for ages but just a week later Frances called me and asked if I wanted a puppy? Took me about 10 seconds to say yes!

    The Johnson family were lovely and we drove up to get Edie. The first picture is her the day she arrived home. She was so tiny and quiet but very cheeky from day one!

    Since then she’s been to training classes with me, tried agility, socialised with people and dogs of all types and this year we were invited to go to Crufts to take our Bronze Good Citizen test. (We didn’t pass but she loved being in the ring!). She’s even been a model for Redhounds for Dogs who sell knitting kits for dogs!

    Edie is now 2 years old (the second picture shows how she’s grown) in a couple of months and she is my little star! She always sends woofs to her family in Manchester and I’m hoping to take her back up there for a visit this summer to see her mum and her litter mates.

    Without the rescue I would never have had her and I am so grateful that I got the puppy of my dreams.

    She’s one of the success stories for Bedlington Terrier Rescue!

    Sara Ward (London)

  • Rescue Dog 'Alfie'

  • 'We first picked 'Alfie' up when he was only 10 months old - we collected him from his original home which was a very sad task. We quickly realised that he had probably never been on a walk, his nails were so long they were digging into his pads at the bottom, our vet advised us he was underweight and his only form of exercise and entertainment was running up and down the tiny garden against a fence with a dog he had never met on the other side, barking - constantly.

    It was a huge task for us to take on as he wasn't a normal puppy - from his behaviour it was likely he had never been given boundaries or been taught basic life skills. He hadn't been shown a great deal of attention and he didn't even know basic commands.

    Just over a year on and he is doing great. Under the ongoing guidance of an APDT trainer and BTR's training advisor, he has come on leaps and bounds. He still struggles very much with other dogs and certainly lets them know he is there! But he has made friends with a select few dogs that now he couldn't be without and they are teaching him the correct doggie lifeskills!

    He is the kindest, most loyal and funny dog I have ever met. He loves cuddles and loves learning new things. He now runs in the field every day after his toys and with positive reward based training he has come a very very long way. Progress is still being made with children and other dogs but he is loved very much and he seems finally happy in his forever home.'