• Regular Monthly Giving Scheme

  • Another great way to support us is by taking part in our Regular Monthly Giving Scheme. This scheme means we know what donations are coming in on a regular basis this then helps us with our financial planning.

    Every penny helps of course so if you can spare even £3 each month it will all help us in our work rescuing and rehoming Bedlingtons and their crosses.

    We currently have 9 dogs in foster care that are needing ongoing medical / behavioural care. A monthly amount will help us to continue to support these dogs by giving them the care they need.

  • You can easily set up a regular donation by visiting our Charities Aid Foundation page - simply click the button below to help our Beddies (and their crosses!) in need.

    Don't forget to select Gift Aid during the process if you are a UK tax payer! Gift Aid makes your donation worth 25% more!


  • Meet 'Pippin' - she is one of our old ladies that came to us in need of a lot of medical care. She had severe issue with her ears and skin. She also had to have an operation to remove several tumours. She will be staying with us forever so your regular giving will help her to continue receiving the care she needs - THANK YOU!