• The Adoption Process

  • The first stage of our Adoption Process requires our adopting families to complete our HOME ENQUIRY FORM. But before doing this reading through the following information will help to answer any questions you may have.

  • How do we work?

    Although our head office is based in Carmarthen we do not have a rescue centre and kennels.  We work through a team of Rehoming Support Coordinators throughout the country. These coordinators work closely as a team when a dog is needing a new home. 

    We work home to home and more commonly foster to home. This helps to minimise the stress to the dogs when they move from gifting home to new home. At all times we have the welfare of the dogs at heart but also understand how difficult it can be to part with a much loved pet for whatever reason.  Therefore we like to work with our gifting homes where possible, when looking for new homes for our rescue dogs.

  • Interested in Fostering for us?

    We are always needing foster carers to join the BTRF team.  Very often our dogs go straight into foster because they need medical and / or behavioural support and then once the dog is ready and if it is appropriate for all concerned, the foster home is given the opportunity to adopt. Why not contact us for more information - info@bedlingtonrescue.co.uk

  • What to expect from us

    We very carefully match our Beddies (and crosses)  to their new homes and offer back up and support right through the process.  For us it is all about making sure our dogs find the right homes and stay there, so we offer behavioural back up and support as well as any veterinary support for dogs that have existing medical issues.  

    We will be on hand to prepare you for the arrival of your new rescue, sending you a Management Plan of what to expect and how to help your new rescue settle in the first few days - what to do and what not to do!

    Every adopting home will have a 'Settling In' session by one of our appointed highly qualified behaviourists. These sessions happen immediately after adoption so that the new family can discuss any concerns or ask questions to make sure that everyone gets off on the right track from the very beginning.

    That behaviourist will continue to work with the new home should this be necessary and this is reviewed on a regular basis to assess progress.   Our Training and Behaviour Advisor will be available throughout and will liaise closely with the behaviourist appointed to the family and a dedicated WhatsApp group will be set up to enable the BTRF team and appointed behaviourist to stay in contact in those settling in days.

    It is our policy as a responsible rescue organisation to neuter, but this is not carried out before the dog goes to their new home. Every dog is treated as an individual and neutering will take place once the BTRF Training and Behaviour Team, the behaviourist on the ground and the vet are in agreement that the dog is ready for the procedure, both behaviourally and medically.

    All dogs go to their new home with the following care:

    • Vaccinations up to date 
    • Worming and flea treatment up to date
    • Microchips will be transferred into the new owners' details
    • If they need neutering we will provide a £40 voucher towards the cost of neutering, paid directly to the vet carrying out the procedure. All other costs will be down to the adopters
    • 4 weeks free Petplan Cover
    • Welcome Pack with full contact details should there be any issues
    • Follow up 'Settling in Session' by one of our appointed qualified modern, reward based behaviourists
  • What we expect from our adopters

    We ask that our adopters work closely with us right through the adoption process.  We will do many checks to ensure that the dog is right for your family situation and that you are right for the dog.  Where a dog needs behavioural help, BTRF will appoint and cover the cost of a fully qualified behaviourist but we then do expect the family to work closely with that behaviourist. The feedback we get from our adopters who have gone on this journey with us is that it is very rewarding and they have felt supported all the way.

  • From our initial enquiry through to the arrival of 'the boys' all the wonderful people involved with BTRF have given us fabulous advice and support. Knowing that they are there if we need them or just to reassure us that we are doing the right thing is a great help.
    (Adopting Family)

  • Please note: It could take a while before the right dog comes along. We are a small breed rescue so thankfully we do not have a large turnover of dogs, so waiting times may be a little longer. People with more specific needs such as full time workers, families with young children and cats may have to wait longer too.  We also ask you to consider that Bedlingtons have high maintenance coats and they need to be groomed / trimmed about every 6-8 weeks.

    We do ask for an Adoption Donation of £200 per dog home to home and £225 from foster to home as this helps a little towards the cost of rehoming a dog . Last year our behavioural / veterinary fees totalled over £21,000 so every penny helps us to continue to offer this very important back up and support to every dog that needs it.

    We do not rehome our rescues outside of the UK.  We offer back and support to our adopting families and we can't do this outside of the UK.

  • The Procedure

    You will no doubt have a number of questions about the adoption procedure and the following information should help to answer these.  If you have any further questions please do make contact with our Rehoming Support Officer, Julia Davies who will be happy to answer any queries you may have - support@bedlingtonrescue.co.uk

    • What happens after BTRF receives my Home Enquiry Form?

      Once we have received your completed Home Enquiry Form we will add you to our Rehoming Register to be considered when a suitable dog comes in that meets your requirements. Your form will then be passed to one of our Rehoming Support Coordinators

    • When will a Rehoming Coordinator make contact with us?

      A Rehoming Support Coordinator will make initial contact with you once they have received your Home Enquiry Form - usually initially by email. We try to do this within 10 days of receiving your form but we do ask you to bear in mind that all of our Coordinators are volunteers and many have full time jobs and / or family commitments. 

    • What happens when a dog comes in that fits our requirements?

      Once a Beddie (or cross) comes in that fits your requirements we will contact you to arrange a home check / interview. We try to rehome dogs in their local area if at all possible to minimise the stress of transporting them around the country.

    • What does the Home Check involved?

      Our Home Checkers will take a good look at your garden, to make sure it is a safe environment for a dog.  But the Home Check is so much more than just checking the home environment. Our Home Checks are carried out by members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers or a qualified behaviourist.  Their training ethics are the same as BTRF - modern, reward science based. We therefore ask our Home Checkers to talk to you about ongoing training and to answer any questions you might have about caring for your new rescue and training / behaviour. Often the Home Check is carried out by the behaviourist who we will be appointed to work with the adopting family.  This means that should the home check be successful there is already a relationship between behaviourist and adopter.

      It is important to remember that just because you have had a home check it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be offered the dog. The home check / interview is an important part of the adoption and can be the deciding factor as to whether the match is right for both the dog and adopting family.

    • What happens after a Home Check?

      After the home check we will contact you and inform you of the outcome.  If it is favourable and both our gifting homes and potential adoptive homes are happy we will go to a Meet and Greet on neutral territory which is overseen by an appointed behaviourist. This is essential if a resident dog is involved to make sure both dogs are compatible.  We may require potential adopters with resident dogs to do a couple of off territory Meet and Greets before the decision to adopt is made.

    • What about dogs that have training / behavioural issues?

      Please remember that a lot of rescue dogs come with "baggage" - this could be training or behavioural issues. Normally all that is needed is time and patience to help the rescue dog settle and we will help and advise on this during the 'Settling in Session'. Sometimes the dog may need the help of a professional behaviourist. As explained, we will appoint the appropriate help and the cost of this will be covered by BTRF but we will stay in close contact with the behaviourist appointed to the case and review progress on a regular basis.  But we would expect our adopting families to work closely with the trainer / behaviourist appointed to help the dog through the issues and to follow their training plan that will be put together specific for each dog. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE ON A DOG WITH SPECIFIC BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES THEN YOU CAN TELL US IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE ON THE HOME ENQUIRY FORM. 

    • What if the dog has medical issues?

      We will pass on all information from the previous owner, this includes medical conditions. We cannot be held responsible if a problem is not reported prior to rehoming, however we do ask for full medical history to be sent to us at surrender if this is available. Sometimes our dogs come to us with significant healthcare requirements. In these situations the dog will be placed in foster with a view to adopt. This will enable BTRF to put in place the medical care that is needed. Any ongoing healthcare needs will be explained to you fully before you commit to adoption..  One of our team will discuss this with you prior to adoption as it will be on a case by case basis.