• Trish Mahon

  • Trish is a behaviourist who specialises in reactive dogs, separation anxiety, nervousness and much more so we are very fortunate to be able to welcome her onto the BTRF Training and Behaviour Team 'working' alongside Kaye, Morag and Lorraine and liaising with our appointed behaviourists around the country to help the dogs in our care.

    Trish played a large part in Benji and Taffy's rehoming process

    As a lifelong dog owner, Trish was volunteering with rescue charities in her teens. In 2010 she was looking at a return to Vet Nursing but having taken on a rescue Jack Russell, she discovered that her Veterinary Nursing background did not equip her to deal with behavioural issues that were causing Ruby stress. And so began her dog training journey.

    In 2011 she went to India to train with a well know dog trainer and discovered two of her passions: the Belgian Shepherd dog, and the value of tracking and nose work for reactive dogs. Ruby was subsequently joined by rescues Shelby; a collie, Chara; a Belgian Shepherd, and most recently Madison who is another Belgian Shepherd. Rescue cat Thomas completes the pet family.

    Trish graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy with Distinction and is a member of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and the Pet Professional Guild. Over the past several years she has attended seminars, workshops and dog training master-classes with some of the most renowned Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in the world.

    Trish Mahon
    BTRF Training and Behaviour Team / Foster Carers' Liaison Officer / Trustee