• Julia Davies

  • Having been a PA for over 40 years, I now run a small dog daycare and home‑boarding business.

    My first loves were two beautiful Doberman boys but after looking after two tiny Bedlington girls, that was it, I was in love again. In 1999 a lady called Linda from Southend asked if I would foster a Bedlington who was with Greyhound Rescue in Yorkshire. He never left me!

    My lovely Jack was a nightmare – not only his physical condition but his attitude. I thought I would never be able to let him off the lead but 18 months of hard work and training, love and affection and he was that perfect dog that we all dream about when we are a little girl: just like Timmy in the Enid Blyton books. Barbara Butcher and BTR picked up the bill for his return to health and although his remaining life was short, it is through BTR that I had the very best dog that I think I will ever have.

    I now have Henry, Ruby and Floyd. Henry is 12 and is a rescue dog with challenges which we have overcome with training and a degree of compromise. Ruby is 9, she likes her breakfast in bed and sunbathing.   And Floyd … he’s very small but makes up for it in personality and at 3 years old I’m working very hard with him because he’s just the cheekiest boy of all.

    Joining BTRF is my way of being involved with Bedlingtons without getting any more – "I just love them to bits, they have so much personality, so much love to give and they just make me laugh all the time."

    Julia Davies
    Rehoming Support Officer / Editor - BTRF eNewsletter / Fundraising Committee