• Frances Fuller

  • My introduction to Bedlingtons was instigated by a well known working Bedlington man, John Piggin of Eakring. His affixes Gallowdyke, Eakring were well respected in the working and show world. He, as far as I am aware, is the only Pest control officer who used his Bedlingtons at work and they were on the Council pay roll.

    I am a keen country pursuit follower and I wanted a Bedlington I could work on rabbit, rat and feather. John guided me and in 1991 we drove up to Nottingham to pick up "Crofter", a blue dog. The following year we collected a blue and tan bitch, from John. Sadly the following day John was killed on his way to work, so we named the pup JP in his memory.

    Sheila, his widow, wanted to give his Beddies to new homes, so I bought back down South two liver bitches, Gallowdyke Brown Sugar and Bridgett.  One went to a new home in Suffolk and I took Sugar home with me, where she stayed!!! Both were faithful to the end.

    I decided to have a go at producing a "miniature Deerhound"?? I bought a small Whippet and used Crofter. The resulting litter was just what I wanted, I kept a bitch and what a lovely faithful bitch she turned out to be. 

    I started to show my Bedlingtons, but as they were the working type I was not very successful, but I did enjoy putting something different in amongst the show type in the ring.

    I met Barbara Butcher at a Bedlington Terrier Association show, at Worplesdon, and we talked a lot, especially about her lovely Bedlington, Roz, a very dark bitch. Barbara too, enjoyed putting Roz in the ring with show type Bedlingtons. After many phone calls, I offered to help her in any way I could in rehoming Bedlingtons and crosses. She accepted and the rest, as they say, is history!

    After her untimely death in 2004 I was asked if I would be willing to take over the running of Rescue and that is where I am today - Director of what is now a growing charity.

    The BTRF Team I work with are all enthusiastic to help rehome any dog that needs a new home. The website and Facebook page is opening doors for owners who, for whatever reason, need help to find a new home for their pet. But they are also bringing forward many more people wanting to offer homes and supporters / volunteers wanting to help the team in their work - to whom I am very grateful.

    I will end this with a big "THANKYOU" to all the team for their support and continued hard, sometimes trying and certainly emotional work to help Bedlingtons and their crosses in need. 

    Frances Fuller
    Director / Trustee