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                                            A New Year message and thanks from Frances Fuller
                                            Here we are again at New Year – seems like only yesterday
                                            that we were getting ready to welcome in 2023.  Where
                                            does the time go?
                                            As always, it’s been another busy year for BTRF.  We now
                                            have  9  dogs  in  foster  care,  many  of  these  have  special
                                            requirements  medically  and/or  behaviourally  and  many
                                            will stay in forever foster care with us as they are either
                    Page 2                  too old to be moving on or have tricky medical needs that
           Competition Winners              BTRF have to oversee closely, for example, Doogal our lad
                                            with Copper Toxicosis.

                                            As a result, we are always looking for new ways to raise
                                            funds to enable us to continue to support these dogs and
                                            there  are  lots  of  exciting  plans  for  2024  –  watch  the
                                            Facebook page and eNewsletter for details!
                                            We have rehomed several beddies and their crosses again
                                            this year and the most difficult rehome for the team were
                                            our  two  Scottish  lads.    Their  owner  came  to  us  to  help
                                            rehome  her  boys  after  she  had  been  diagnosed  with  a
                    Page 4                  degenerative medical condition which meant she could no
               Foster Update
                                            longer  keep  them.    It  was  a  heart
                                            wrenching  and  sensitive  case,  but  we
                                            managed to find a lovely home who was
                                            happy to take both.  They are doing very
                                            well,  and  we  keep  their  original  owner
                                            updated on their progress.

                                            Finally,  myself,  the  Trustees  and  the  whole  of  the  BTRF
                                            team  would  like  to  thank  you  all  for  your  support
                                            throughout  2023,  without  you  we  couldn’t  continue  to
                                            make a difference to the lives of these beddies and their
                    Page 14                 crosses that come to us in need, throughout the UK.
             The Old Grey Dog               Thank you and a very happy and healthy New Year.

                                            Frances Fuller
                                            Director / Trustee

           Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation is a charitable incorporated organisation and a
                          registered charity with Registered Charity Number 1176408
                         Mobile : 07779 500129 / Email:

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