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                                                                            Issue 14

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                 AUGUST                     Come and meet                   AUGUST
                                             the btrf team
        27TH - GEFION FUN DOG SHOW          and chat about         28TH - GUIDE DOGS FUN DAY
           ALDINGTON VILLAGE HALL              all things          WILLESBOROUGH WINDMILL
           Judging starts at 11.00am                                 Judging starts at 11.00am
                   TN25 7EE                      beddie                       TN24 0LG                                         Facebook

                              AGE 15
                    Page 4                        Page 8                     Page 16
                    DANGERS IN THE HOME
               Foster Update            ‘Gotcha’ Celebrations             Guess who ?                   Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation is a charitable incorporated organisation and a   registered charity with Registered Charity Number 1176408 whose registered address   is Glyn Coch, Alltwalis, Carmarthen SA32 7EA  Tel: 01559 384499  / Mob: 07398 779515  / Email:


                                                                            11th and 12th
                                                                       KENT FESTIVE COUNTRY
                                                                      FAIR/ DOGS CHRISTMAS
                                                                        SEVENOAKS TN15 7NS
                   Page 21                                                 SHOWS & VENUES |
                                                                       Quintessentially British Events |
          Electric shock collars                                                  Kent
              banned in the uk
                                                 Page 18
                                           The tales of blue
                                      ‘Bert and his fight for life’

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