The Group

The Group as a whole, have the welfare of rescue Bedlington Terriers and their crosses at the top of the list of priorities.

The needs of the new owners are just as important too. We do try to match the dog to a new owner by asking a lot of questions of the owner handing the dog over to rescue. Of course we have to rely on honest answers to these questions.

How we started…..

The following information of how the Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming Group was formed was taken from an article by Ken Bounden, Patron of the Bedlington Terrier Asssociation

The Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming Group was set up by the late Barbara Butcher MBE and Phyllis Cooper some quarter of a century ago as a private organisation.

As they were handling public money I advised Barbara that proper accounts be kept and audited, balance sheets passed to a third party for protection against false accusations.

As both ladies were officers of the Bedlington Terrier Association at times it was obvious that the club be that third party. The club obliged and reported on the work of the Group in its bulletins to members.

Over 300 dogs have been rescued and rehomed over the years.

It is our intention to continue to run the rescue and rehoming of Bedlington Terriers and so far the team is working as a solid unit.

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Exciting news…………….

Dylan to feature on the Kennel Club's Calendar!

Dylan, one of our rescue's earns pride of place in the 2016 Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar!

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