• Surrender

  • The BTRF team understand that it will have been a very difficult decision to rehome your pet – it is never the easy option. But sometimes changes in personal circumstances, owners health issues or other life changes force this decision.

    We won’t judge anyone having to make this decision because at the end of the day we all have the dogs interest at heart and it is often the kindest thing to do.

    Because we understand how difficult this decision will be, we want to help and support you through the rehoming process. We will deal with this in a sensitive and understanding way. We want to assure you that we do the very best to find the right home and then put all the back up and support in place to help your dog settle into his adopting home as smoothly as possible.


  • Struggling with your dog's behaviour?

    Sometimes the reason to consider rehoming is due to behavioural issues that are making living with your dog difficult. In these situations we recommend that you speak with a suitable modern, positive reward based qualified behaviourist before making the decision to rehome as they may be able to help you work through the issues.

    Associations that you can contact to help with this are:

    You can also go to our LINKS page where there is a list of the qualified behaviourists that we have worked with around the country.



    We don’t have kennels, we work home to home or occasionally foster to home. This means that we can work with you right through the process until the dog goes into is adopted home. We will rehome Bedlingtons and their crosses.

  • Behavioural Assessments

    We always arrange a Behavioural Assessment for all the dogs that come into our care.  The assessment is necessary to make sure that we are able to match the dog to the right home and then put in place the appropriate training / behavioural back up and support to make sure the dog settles into the new home.

    We would ask that the gifting owner covers the cost of this assessment (generally in the region of £80 - £100) or at least donates towards the cost of the assessment.

  • Veterinary details

    We would want to make contact with the gifting owner's veterinary surgeon if we need to discuss any medication the dog is on or if it has any ongoing conditions that will require medication in the new home. 

  • Home checks and Meet and Greets

    When we have found a potential new owner we will arrange for a home check. If this is successful at that point we will put the gifting home and potential new home in contact to arrange a Meet and Greet. It also means the gifting owner can meet the potential new owner and find out more about where their pet will be going.



    BTRF have very strict ethics where rehoming dogs is concerned. At all times we have the dogs welfare in mind.

    • You can be assured that we do not breed any of the dogs that come into our care. Entire dogs will be spayed/neutered when appropriate once they are settled in their new home.
    • We do not buy dogs that are for sale from a private individual or on any public media sites or from rescue centres.
    • We would advise you not to advertise your dog on sites like Gumtree / Preloved etc or social media such as Facebook. Selling you dog through these methods means you have no control where your dog will end up. Increasing numbers of people are trawling these sites for free dogs to use as bait dogs for dog-fighting rings, often posing (very convincingly) as loving family homes. Or in the case of unneutered dogs & bitches to breed from and then casting them out.
    • BTRF would like to point out that if your dog originally came from a breeder known to you then they should always be the first port of call if you need to rehome. Many reputable breeders will want to know if their dog needs to be rehomed and may offer help and support.
  • How to proceed with rehoming

    If you would need to rehome your dog for whatever reason we will ask you to complete a Surrender History Form for us by clicking the link below. Please be as honest and comprehensive as you can as this will enable us to match the right home to your dog and vice versa.

    If you need any further help or advice please call Frances Fuller, Director on 01559 384499 or our Training and Behaviour Advisor, Kaye Scott on 01959 575129