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    The number of foster dogs coming into our care in need of ongoing medical and / or behavioural back up and support is increasing. Many are needing expensive medication and regular health checks and will stay in forever or long term foster care because of these needs.

    Your support will help pay for any on-going vet bills, medication, specialist food, enrichment toys and behavioural care, whilst they live their lives with us in foster.  

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    Here are their stories - check back regularly for updates!


  • Introducing 'Jiminy Cricket'

    Hi everyone, I am Jiminy Cricket, or 'Cricket' for short and I am the latest addition to the elite BTRF foster dog team!

    I am just 10 months old and BTRF, with the help of Aunty Lisa (of Quincy fame!) from Canine Thinking, are going to help me to overcome my worries and anxieties around people and other dogs.

    In time I will be ready to go to a new home of my own, that BTRF and Aunty Lisa will find for me - and of course I will need to check them out too! I am just settling in at the moment but I will keep you updated on my training progress, so check back here for updates!

    In the meantime I need some goodies! Aunty Lisa has kindly put together a ‘Wish List’ for me in her new online shop.

    There are lots of things to choose from including my meals for a day, some supplements that apparently I need to help me stay fit and healthy and the best bits, some treats, chews and toys to keep me occupied. I gather it’s called enrichment? But you probably know more about that than me at the moment, although I think I will be learning about this quite quickly!

    So here is the link to go ahead and order things for me. Oh and you can also order stuff for your own Beddies and if you use the voucher code BTRF10 at the checkout you will get a 10% discount which can’t be bad as this means we all benefit!



  • 'Doogal'

    Evening everyone. I am 6 years old and my name is ‘Doogal’, I am BTRF’s latest foster dog and I have quite a story to share with you.

    I came to BTRF about 3 weeks ago because my owner could no longer keep me. He was very sad but I was very relieved that he asked BTRF if they could take care of me and find me a new home.

    The BTRF team tell me I am very special because I have something called copper toxicosis. Because I have this condition BTRF have placed me in a very special foster home – they are what BTRF call a ‘forever foster’. Apparently this means that I will stay with my new family forever so I can stay under BTRF’s watchful eye. So I think I am a very lucky Beddie as I will be getting the best possible care.

    Everything happen very quickly when I arrived – I was given a quiet few days so that I could get over my life change. Apparently this is normal when a BTRF rescue dog first go into their new home. It helped me feel much calmer and gave me a chance to relax and get to know my new foster parent. I didn’t have any walks or visitors for several days (that would have been way way too much for me – I wasn’t ready for that). I just spent lots of time ‘noodling’ around my new home and doing lots of sleeping – wow that really helped – I needed plenty of sleep to help me feel much better about going to a new home.

    I needed to have some blood tests to see how well my liver was coping and it was good news, the results were all very positive considering I have had this disease all my life. But I now have a very special team of Drs advising and looking after me because they know a lot about about the condition I have. Apparently I love the attention I am getting, my foster mum told Aunty Kaye that I am a real chilled out ‘cuddle bunny’ who is very happy when I have a lap to hijack!

    I have a special Dr who is putting together my new diet and I will have to see another Dr who will check my liver regularly just to make sure that all the care that I am receiving is helping to support me in the right way.

    So that’s my story so far as I start my new BTRF journey. I will keep you all updated with my progress as I am not going anywhere, BTRF will be looking after my care forever now and will be working closely with my foster parent to help keep me well.

    Cuddles and hugs



  • 'Shandy'

    'Shandy' is one of our first ever 'Twilight Foster Dogs'. He is now 13 years old and a Beddie x Whippet who came into our care in 2017. He was due to be put to sleep but fortunately another breed rescue stepped in and then contacted us for our help. We immediately came to his aid and placed him in BTRF foster care. It quickly became apparent that he had medical issues in the form of seizures and significant anxiety to the outside world, which sadly appeared to be exacerbating his medical condition. We immediately found him the medical treatment he needed and appointed a highly qualified behaviourist, Helen Greenley, to work with the foster carers to help him with his fear of the world outside the safety of his foster home.

    Shandy will stay with us for his twilight years because of his medical needs. But as the behavioural care helped to address his anxieties he now loves his walks with his house buddy, Chester and enjoys life to the full!


  • 'Little Mo'

    Little 'Mo' came into foster care with us last year.

    Like 'Shandy' she suffered with anxiety to the outside world and has needed regular behavioural back up and support to help build her confidence and to help her cope better with life. She also has allergies which we need to treat on a regular basis.

    Little 'Mo' is doing really well but will be in long term foster while we help address her behavioural and medical needs.