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    The number of foster dogs coming into our care in need of ongoing medical and / or behavioural back up and support is increasing. Many are needing expensive medication and regular health checks and will stay in forever or long term foster care because of these needs.

    Your support will help pay for any on-going vet bills, medication, specialist food, enrichment toys and behavioural care, whilst they live their lives with us in foster.  

  • If you would like to make a donation towards the ongoing support for our long term foster dogs please visit our DONATE page - there are lots of ways you can contribute! THANKYOU!


  • 'Quincy'

    Occasionally we have dogs that come to us where they have been overwhelmed in a home environment and can't cope with a direct move to foster or a new home. In these cases we give them a little bit of time out in a specialist kennel facility and appoint a behaviourist to help with their rehabilitation to their new forever home. 'Quincy' is one such dog. We are working to help rebuild his confidence with the right routine, enrichment and behaviour support and he is already showing significant improvement and we are currently doing our usual check on a potential new home for him.

    We have an Amazon Smile Wish List for 'Quincy' if you would like to donate some food etc for him while he is in care with us - QUINCY WISH LIST


  • 'Carrot'

    Introducing, 'Carrot', our 'Twilight Foster Dog'! He came into our care just before Christmas and we are grateful to our new foster carers for opening their home to him. 

    We suspect that 'Carrot' has some back and eye issues and we are currently investigating these issues with our vet. He will stay in our care for a while longer while we get him the treatment he needs. 

    We have an Amazon Smile Wish List for 'Carrot' if you would like to donate some goodies for him - CARROT WISH LIST


  • 'Shandy'

    'Shandy' is one of our first ever 'Twilight Foster Dogs'. He is now 13 years old and a Beddie x Whippet who came into our care in 2017. HHe was due to be put to sleep but fortunately another breed rescue stepped in and then contacted us for our help. We immediately came to his aid and placed him in BTRF foster care. It quickly became apparent that he had medical issues in the form of seizures and significant anxiety to the outside world, which sadly appeared to be exacerbating his medical condition. We immediately found him the medical treatment he needed and appointed a highly qualified behaviourist, Helen Greenley, to work with the foster carers to help him with his fear of the world outside the safety of his foster home.

    Two years later he is still in foster care, where he will stay for his twilight years because of his medical needs. But as the behavioural care helped to address his anxieties he now loves his walks with his house buddy, Chester and enjoys life to the full!


  • 'Harry'

    'Harry' came to us just after Christmas. He had been bought from Facebook and sadly the new home didn't work out and we were called upon to step in and help as an emergency case. These types of rehome so often go wrong. No proper home checks are carried out and no assessments, so basically it's pot luck as to whether the match works out. In our experience, often it doesn't and it causes unnecessary stress to everyone concerned, including the rescue dog who is caught in the middle.  BTRF strongly recommend that you don't buy or sell from these types of sources as the dogs can be bought for dog baiting or you buy a dog with an unknown history. It may seem like a kind thing to do but it puts everyone at risk.


  • 'Little Mo'

    Little 'Mo' came into foster care with us last year. Like 'Shandy' she suffered with anxiety to the outside world and has needed regular behavioural back up and support to help build her confidence and to help her cope better with life. She also has allergies which we need to treat on a regular basis.

    Little 'Mo' is doing really well but will be in long term foster while we help address her behavioural and medical needs.


  • 'Flopsy'

    'Flopsy' came to us last summer with significant resource guarding issues. This meant that she was very protective of toys and anything she felt was very valuable to her and became very fearful if she thought these things were going to be taken from her.

    She had bitten the family in her gifting home trying to protect these high resources so we needed to find a suitable foster home, prepared to work closely with the our appointed behaviourist to help 'Flopsy' overcome her fears.

    It's been a rollercoster ride at times for our foster carers, but sticking to a behavioural training plan is particularly important in cases like this. We are thankful that she is in a very dedicated foster home and doing very well.  Her resource guarding is a thing of the past as she has learned how to relax and realise how much fun and how rewarding sharing valuable things with humans can be.

    She is now a very happy little girl - still under the behaviourist's care - she is not yet ready for adoption.