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    The number of foster dogs coming into our care in need of ongoing medical and / or behavioural back up and support is increasing. Many are needing expensive medication and regular health checks and will stay in forever or long term foster care because of these needs.

    Your support will help pay for any on-going vet bills, medication, specialist food, enrichment toys and behavioural care, whilst they live their lives with us in foster.  

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    Here are their stories - check back regularly for updates!


  • Introducing 'Jiminy Cricket'

    Hi everyone, I am Jiminy Cricket, or 'Cricket' for short and I am the latest addition to the elite BTRF foster dog team!

    I am just 10 months old and BTRF, with the help of Aunty Lisa (of Quincy fame!) from Canine Thinking, are going to help me to overcome my worries and anxieties around people and other dogs.

    In time I will be ready to go to a new home of my own, that BTRF and Aunty Lisa will find for me - and of course I will need to check them out too! I am just settling in at the moment but I will keep you updated on my training progress, so check back here for updates!

    In the meantime I need some goodies! Aunty Lisa has kindly put together a ‘Wish List’ for me in her new online shop.

    There are lots of things to choose from including my meals for a day, some supplements that apparently I need to help me stay fit and healthy and the best bits, some treats, chews and toys to keep me occupied. I gather it’s called enrichment? But you probably know more about that than me at the moment, although I think I will be learning about this quite quickly!

    So here is the link to go ahead and order things for me. Oh and you can also order stuff for your own Beddies and if you use the voucher code BTRF10 at the checkout you will get a 10% discount which can’t be bad as this means we all benefit!



  • Introducing 'Ernie'

    Hi everyone – I am an older lad at 10 years so need lots of TLC – well that’s what I keep telling my new foster parents! I came into BTRF because my original home was not able to keep me anymore and reached out to BTRF to come to the rescue – which of course they did!

    I'm not at my best at the moment and needed to be moved quickly to get the help I need which is why I have gone to a foster space rather than straight to a permanent new home which will take more time to arrange to make sure it is exactly the right spot for me.

    BTRF appointed Aunty Lisa (of Jiminy Cricket and Quincy fame) to look after me and to guide my foster family – who have been fab! Actually, because they were well prepared before I arrived, I have settled really well and I think they are quite taken with me!

    I had to have a big visit to the vet last week as I was in quite a state when I arrived and it would have been far too stressful (and painful) for me to be helped properly when I was awake so I had something called an anaesthetic and when I woke up I was like new but didn’t know a thing about what had gone on! The vet said it was a good job because I had a long list of things done!

    My coat had lots of matts and grass seeds in the fur on my legs and paws (which can be very dangerous if they penetrate the skin and it’s one of the reasons grooming is so important) so the vets clipped everything off for me and now I feel amazing. My ears were also really dirty and uncomfortable and they were properly flushed and cleaned and the vet said my anal glands were disgusting and were part of the reason I must have been feeling so yucky.

    The vet also took some X Rays of my back legs because I have some pain and mobility issues, but there isn’t anything that wouldn’t be expected in a dog of my age but I need some good pain relief and physio and hopefully I’ll be moving much better very soon.

    My teeth have had a clean and a thorough check as I was having problems eating on one side (but all good and the physio will help with any stiffness in my neck and jaw which might be affecting my eating).

    I have cataracts coming and my vision is a bit impaired but nothing more serious and the nasty weepiness around them is probably all related to diet (like the itchiness I struggle with elsewhere too and those yucky anal glands) so with a good diet plan and the right supplements, over the next few weeks and months I should start to feel a lot better indeed. The good news is my heart, liver and kidneys and things are all in good shape – I could have told the vet that as I am awesome and whilst I might be 10 in theory, in my head I am definitely only 2!

    So I had a full MOT and have taken to my new routine wonderfully! I’ve seen Aunty Lisa a couple of times and me and my foster parents now have lots of exercises for us to do together to help me feel relaxed about being groomed (which is a big issue for me as I was so uncomfortable) and also to start me off on my physio. These exercises also help us to get to know each other too.

    My foster parents are enjoying learning some new things as well I think, but I just like the magic pot of treats, even though Aunty Lisa made them really, really small because I am apparently very overweight and that isn’t helping my pain either and I am on a DIET. But they are super tasty and the smaller they are the more I get, so I think I might be being duped into thinking it’s a good thing!

    I did have some noise sensitivity when I arrived but now I have had my MOT and am on my pain relief I am feeling so much better that I am not finding noises so scary anymore and my barking has reduced a lot

    I now have my very own ‘Wish List’ on Aunty Lisa’s shop (like the young whippersnapper, Jiminy Cricket’s) so that you can all send me lots of toys to help with my exercises, supplements to make me well and a few healthy treats - so that’s good. I also have to have a special diet to see if we can make my skin issues go away and my eyes less irritated and gunky so there is an option to help buy these dinners too. Aunty Lisa says I have to say that the dinners go in the special toys so that I get lots of gentle exercise through the day rather than just sitting and getting stiff and teaching my foster parents to bring me little snacks, so these are really important (I say Aunty Lisa is a pest – I like training my foster parents!).

    Here is the link to my special ‘Wish List’ page so don’t forget to zoom over there and order me some goodies pleazzzzzzzzzze!


    You can order something for your very own Beddies too and if you use the voucher code BTRF10 at the checkout bit you will get a 10% discount on your purchases. Best of all Aunty Lisa will donate the profits from your order to BTRF so they can continue to do all the good work rescuing and rehoming Beddies like me. Pop back regularly for an update on my progress!


  • 'Skipper'

    ‘Skipper’ came into our care during lockdown.

    He was suffering from every sign of stress imaginable – panting, pacing, whining, barking, not sleeping, you name it he threw it at us. For this reason, he wasn’t able to go straight into a new home, so we placed him in foster care.

    Because of the state Skipper was in, it was crucial to work closely together with the foster carer, our appointed behavourist on the ground, and the BTRF volunteer behaviourists, to help work through his stress and fears and to help him to adapt to his unavoidable life change.

    The first few days was a time of firefighting and lots of sleepless nights as we all worked together to help ‘Skipper’ and to support his foster family. There were a lot of adjustments we needed to make in those first few days to try to help him relax and decompress and we were all at the end of the phone / messenger – very little sleep for any of us!

    But, a few days in and all the calming enrichment work, lots of choices including several beds and places to sleep, getting his diet sorted and the chance to just allow him to noodle around and get to know his new home environment and his new carers, slowly started to pay off and we saw him begin to turn a corner! There were no walks for the first week – way too scary for ‘Skipper’ to be introduce into his wider environment when he couldn’t even cope with his new home life.

    We were guided by Skipper’s foster carers as to when he would be ready to gradually introduce him to his new world beyond the front door. Because he was ready, he was really able to enjoy the experience! The lad is on his way to gradually being able to enjoy some more new life experiences.


  • 'Flopsy'

    'Flopsy' came to us last summer with significant resource guarding issues. This meant that she was very protective of toys and anything she felt was very valuable to her and became very fearful if she thought these things were going to be taken from her.

    She had bitten the family in her gifting home trying to protect these high resources so we needed to find a suitable foster home, prepared to work closely with the our appointed behaviourist to help 'Flopsy' overcome her fears.

    It's been a rollercoster ride at times for our foster carers, but sticking to a behavioural training plan is particularly important in cases like this. We are thankful that she is in a very dedicated foster home and doing very well.  Her resource guarding is a thing of the past as she has learned how to relax and realise how much fun and how rewarding sharing valuable things with humans can be.

    She is now a very happy little girl - still under the behaviourist's care - she is not yet ready for adoption.


  • 'Shandy'

    'Shandy' is one of our first ever 'Twilight Foster Dogs'. He is now 13 years old and a Beddie x Whippet who came into our care in 2017. He was due to be put to sleep but fortunately another breed rescue stepped in and then contacted us for our help. We immediately came to his aid and placed him in BTRF foster care. It quickly became apparent that he had medical issues in the form of seizures and significant anxiety to the outside world, which sadly appeared to be exacerbating his medical condition. We immediately found him the medical treatment he needed and appointed a highly qualified behaviourist, Helen Greenley, to work with the foster carers to help him with his fear of the world outside the safety of his foster home.

    Shandy will stay with us for his twilight years because of his medical needs. But as the behavioural care helped to address his anxieties he now loves his walks with his house buddy, Chester and enjoys life to the full!


  • 'Little Mo'

    Little 'Mo' came into foster care with us last year.

    Like 'Shandy' she suffered with anxiety to the outside world and has needed regular behavioural back up and support to help build her confidence and to help her cope better with life. She also has allergies which we need to treat on a regular basis.

    Little 'Mo' is doing really well but will be in long term foster while we help address her behavioural and medical needs.