• Steve Palmer and Cheryl Lapham

  • Cheryl & Steve are our coordinators for the Home Counties North (Herts, Bucks, Oxfordshire, Beds, Northants, Cambs). They have been Bedlington Terrier owners for about 11 years now but have always been around dogs.

    Their Beddie, Chester was a rescue about 11 years ago.  He was in a very bad state both physically and emotionally and it took quite a while to turn him into the absolutely adorable character he is today!

    As such they decided to volunteer their time with BTRF to try and help other Bedlingtons find their “happy ever after” home.  In addition to acting as coordinators, they are also approved foster carers and are currently providing a long term foster home for another older Beddie/Whippet Cross.

    "Before Chester we had never come across a Bedlington Terrier.  Now we can’t think of a more fantastic breed and all our family and friends agree.  Cheryl’s Mum has more photos of Chester around the house than anyone else!.  Both of us work full time (fortunately one of us from home) but we’re great believers in that there’s a home out there for every dog, whatever the circumstance".