• Rachel Price

  • I first fell in love with the breed when my parents had Billy, some 14 years ago now. Jonathan and I met the same year, getting married a couple of years later, before deciding that we too needed a little Bedlington in our lives! That’s when Skip came along – she was advertised in our local newspaper by a family who no longer wanted her – thankfully she hadn’t been mistreated as such, just not particularly looked after either. The family were also selling ferrets and we nearly overlooked Skip because they’d actually listed her beneath the ferrets - something which we still tease her about to this day!

    She was around 9 months old but hadn’t been toilet trained or socialised with other dogs, couldn’t comprehend what stairs were and hadn’t yet been introduced to toys. Oh, how that was about to change! Her true amazing character very quickly shone through and she soon ‘ruled the roost’! After being very naughty to Billy on their first meeting - on his own doorstep I might add! - Billy soon won her over (as he did with all the ladies!), they quickly became firm friends and were inseparable ever since. Their favourite times were spent running along the beach together in Saundersfoot, Pembs.

    That was until September 2017 when, after a long battle with Cushings Disease (which had also developed into a severe dementia), Billy sadly passed away. He remained a little soldier right up until it was time for him to say goodbye, and I am so proud to say that I have Billy to thank for inspiring me to join the BTRF. Through the work and time that I spent with him and my parents to try and make the little man as comfortable and happy as possible during this very difficult time, I realised that I just want to care for this wonderful breed as much as possible, particularly those in need of a bit more help, for whatever reason that may be.

    I am so happy to be able to say that Skip is my best friend and soulmate – as I’m always telling her, we were meant for each other. Jonathan and I are reminded every day that we were the lucky ones when Skip came into our lives – even if she did nearly get overshadowed by a couple of ferrets that day!

    Rachel (Skip) Price
    Area Coordinator - Midlands