• BTRF 2019 Calendar


    The calendar this year commemorates our registered charity status which we were successfully granted in December 2017!

    Congratulations to the 13 winners of the Photo Competition - you will all receive a complimentary copy of the calendar!

  • Winning Photos:

    Neil and Sue Mcgovern
    Leanne Steele
    Alison Macdonald
    Natalia Lewis
    Sue Buckingham
    Amanda Mawson
    Alan and Martin Mann
    Cheryl and Steve
    Jennifer and Daniel Low
    Linda Dunn-Edwards
    Gill Griffiths
    Cheryl White
    Georgia Barker

  • We had so many lovely photos submitted for the photo competition this year that our judges have selected several Highly Commended photos - these will appear in other parts of the calendar!

  • Highly Commended:

    Emily Large
    Christine Blakeburn
    Dave Griff
    Sarah McEvoy
    Derek Ives
    Amanda Mawson
    Dawn Mason
    Dennice Broadbent
    Margaret Coulthard (Susanne Plachy)
    Mark Roughley
    Sarah Rushton
    Jon Price
    Lauren Burndred
    Neil & Martha Prior
    Lewis & Melissa Davison
    Morag Maciver
    Bob Molyneux
    Sally Pickles
    Graema Mackay
    Emily Humphries

  • Congratulations to you all and a BIG thank you to everyone who submitted photos this year. We raised well over £340 from the photos submitted alone!