• The BTR Team


    The BTR Team are grateful to registered supporters and volunteers who give their time to help with transport, fundraising and fostering. Without them we could not offer the rehoming service that we do.

    These supporters and volunteers support the BTR Team that is at the sharp end. These are also all volunteers, they give their time and resources for free because they are passionate about the breed.

    We are very fortunate to have Coordinators on the team who have many years experience of breeding, showing, owning and even judging Bedlingtons. They know the breed inside out and can offer excellent advice to people thinking about rescuing a Bedlington Terrier or their crosses.

    We are also very fortunate to have three members of the team who are very experienced professional positive reward based trainers / behaviourists who are always on hand to give training backup and support to owners if needed and help dogs that come to us with behavioural 'baggage'.

  • Frances Fuller

    Group Coordinator

    Frances took over as Group Coordinator from our Founder, Barbara Butcher in 2004. She is responsible for the smooth running of the group but one of her other many roles is as the Area Coordinator for Wales! She is always there to help and support the other Coordinators and works tirelessly to help Bedlingtons find their new homes.

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  • Ken Bounden

    Honorary Member

    Ken is the senior gentleman of the BTR, now in his 90s!  He tends to take a bit more of a back seat these days but he has spent his life surrounded by Bedlingtons. He was an important supporter of the Bedlington Terrier Association for many decades. He has judged Bedlingtons all over the world and is respected internationally as an expert on the breed.

  • Yvonne Cherrie

    Area Coordinator - Scotland

    Yvonne is one of our newest members of the Coordinator's team!  She looks after the whole of the Scotland area at the moment!

    She is an accountant, so volunteering for BTR is about as far removed from her day job as you could imagine! She owns a BTR rescue Bedlington called Otis, who has clearly landed on his paws!

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  • Craig Nicholson / John Place

    Area Coordinators - North East

    Craig and John have been part of the BTR Coordinator's team for sometime now. They look after probably the busiest area - County Durham / Northumberland.  As well as their role as Coordinators, they are also on our Fostering Team - having had lots of experience fostering some of our more difficult dogs. They work closely with our appointed behaviourist up there.

  • Laurun Potts

    Area Coordinator - Yorkshire

    Laurun is our Yorkshire coordinator. She and her husband have been Bedlington Terrier owners for 4 years now although she has always been around dogs.

    Their Beddie, Eddie had a rough time in his previous home.  So she decided to volunteer her time with BTR to try and help other Bedlingtons like Eddie, live the happy life they deserve. 

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  • Natalia Lewis

    Area Coordinator - Cheshire / Gtr Manchester

    Natalia Lewis is our Cheshire / Gtr Manchester Coordinator, she is also our Legal Advisor, being a Solicitor in her 'day life'! She has been amazing in helping us take the step to becoming a Registered Charity.

    She has a BTR rescue dog and has many years experience of living with the breed, so is well placed to help and advise potential new adopters.

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  • Jackie Newnham

    Area Coordinator - Sussex

    Jackie looks after East and West Sussex and has owned Bedlingtons for over 30 years.  So she has a lot of experience of the breed! She is also qualified in animal care and canine grooming.

    Her current Beddie lad is 15 years old and still very much enjoying life!

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  • BTR Training and Behaviour Team

    Three of our team are also experienced professional Trainers / Behaviourists and can therefore offer advice and help when a Rescue dog comes to us with the inevitable behavioural 'baggage'.  We are also able to work with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and reputable behaviourists around the country when our behavioural team are unable to work with the dog themselves due to distance.

  • Kaye Scott (MAPDT UK)

    Training and Behaviour Advisor

    Kaye got involved with the BTR shortly after getting her two dogs, a Bedlington x Whippet boy and Bedlington girl from Frances about 5 years ago! As a professional dog trainer and full member of the APDT UK, she was able to offer advice when dogs came in needing training / behaviour support and backup.

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  • Lorraine Godfrey (Adv Dip CBM)

    Training and Behaviour Team / Area Coordinator - Kent

    Lorraine is the newest member of the BTR team. She looks after Kent and has many years experience running a Rescue in the past, working a lot with rescued and retired Greyhounds. She is a qualified professional behaviourist, which means she is also well qualified to help with dogs that need rehabilitation or behavioural help and support.

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