• Adoption Criteria

  • Before completing the online Home Enquiry Form, we ask that all adoption applicants please read through our preferred criteria for adopting a Bedlington Terrier or cross from us.

    Whilst we are mindful of and grateful to kind individuals seeking to offer a home to a rescued Bedlington Terrier we want to set out a list of basic requirements for successful adopters.

    It’s very rare that the perfect dog is surrendered to us - sadly the nature of rescue.  The reality is that the majority by some way have behavioural and / or medical issues that need to be addressed.  This requires a commitment from an adoptive owner to commit to and work closely with behaviourists, trainers, vets and the BTRF training and behavioural team.  Of course, there are a wide variety of issues ranging from age, temperament and general health to separation anxiety and reactivity.  However, we do have a high success rate in rehabilitating dogs with the assistance of their new owners.

    IMPORTANT - Therefore here are a few key points we ask you to consider before completing our Home Enquiry Form:

    • We will only rehome to adopters who follow our ethics of using exclusively modern, reward based training techniques. 
    • Our Adoption Fee is currently £180 from home to home and £200 from foster to home
    • We expect all our adopters to maintain a valid medical and public liability insurance on the dogs placed in their care. You will be asked to provide evidence of this cover to BTRF upon request. We offer a 4 week free PetPlan policy to all adopters.
    • Many of our dogs come to us with behavioural issues - we require all our adopters to be prepared to work with the behaviourist appointed by us to work with the new home in these situations. The behaviourist will come to your home and the cost will be covered by BTRF, but we would look for a commitment from our adopters to work with us to help the dog in their care. This can often involve a lot of time working with a behaviourist or trainer.
    • Whilst we occasionally have dogs that come to us that can live with cats (and other small furries), it is very rare. Therefore the wait for a dog if you have a resident cat could be much longer.
    • Your working hours and lifestyle need to be compatible for the dog's requirements. In general we will not consider rehoming to families where our dogs will be left for 4 hours a day or more on a regular basis without human company. Dogs are very social animals and thrive on human company; therefore, it is unfair to keep a dog when you are away from home for long periods (such as long working hours). 
    • In fact, in the first days and weeks following rehoming, we would be looking for adopters to be with the dog as much as possible while the dog is settling in to their new environment.
    • Thankfully, we don't have 100s of dogs coming to us, this may mean that there could be a long wait for a dog. Our Coordinators stay in contact with potential adopters on their list either by phone or email, however we do ask that you bear in mind that they are all volunteers who have full time jobs and / or family commitments.
    • To help us, please let us know if you need to be removed from the Rehoming Register for whatever reason.